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We provide analysis and expert testimony for
a wide variety of insurance claims.


Claims brought by and against insureds often involve complex financial issues that require specialized knowledge for proper evaluation. Such knowledge is available only from financial professionals experienced in matters involving claims and litigation. Vianello Forensic Consulting, LLC has extensive experience in both areas. We have assisted many insurance companies cost-effectively resolve claims made by and against their insureds. For example, from the insureds' records we compile statements of business interruption loss to aid insurance companies in settling claims. And, if litigation is inevitable, our extensive litigation consulting experience is available to assist you throughout the process.

We understand the claims-related financial services that you need, and are committed to providing them in a manner consistent with the highest professional standards. We have also provided analysis and expert testimony defending many personal injury cases involving accidents and product liability claims.

Insurance claim services provided by Vianello Forensic Consulting, LLC include:


The depth and breadth of knowledge that comes from many years of practical experience make us a valuable resource for our clients. We would like to become a valuable resource for you as well. We would be happy to assist you in evaluating and defending the claims for coverage made against your insurance policies regardless of geographic location.



Vianello Forensic Consulting, LLC is a highly valued resource for the legal profession.
We strive to deliver services consistent with the highest standards of integrity, objectivity, accuracy, and credibility.